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OKR - цели и ключевые результаты

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Как стать agile-компанией без революционных перестроек

Наталья Гульчевская

Хотите оперативно реагировать на изменения и согласованно двигаться в правильном направлении? Узнайте, как это делают Google и передовые российские предприятия.


Как определить стратегические цели развития компании на год и успешно их реализовать. Или "А вы уже спрятали в стол свою стратегию на 2018?" 

Наталья Гульчевская

В 90 % компаний рутина повседневных задач настолько поглощает сотрудников и даже руководителей, что стратегические планы так и остаются декларациями на бумаге. Простая система управления, принятая в Google и многих прогрессивных фирмах, поможет вам сфокусированно, согласованно и гибко двигаться к реализации стратегических целей.


Как провести сессию планирования целей и ключевых результатов? 

Наталья Гульчевская

Хотите, чтобы ваша компания совершила прорыв уже в следующем квартале? Воспользуйтесь системой постановки целей и фокусировки, которую используют Гугл и другие прогрессивные компании. В статье вы узнаете алгоритм проведения командной сессии планирования. 


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Measure What Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth

John Doerr 

April 26, 2018
I've worked on the Google campus for 11 years, and have seen first-hand the impact OKRs have had on the company. John Doerr is single-handedly responsible for bringing OKRs to Google. He saw before anyone else the transformative power Andy Grove's system from Intel could have at Google, and this book is a great window into those early days. John does a great job showing how that early presentation at Google set the stage for so much of the growth and success that came later. - Rick Klau


Objectives and Key Results: Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs

Paul R. Niven, Ben Lamorte

(Wiley Corporate F&A) Hardcover – September 6, 2016
This book shows you everything you need to know to implement OKRs effectively.
Understand the basics of OKRs and their day-to-day use
Learn how to gain the executive support critical to a successful implementation
Maintain an effective program with key assessment tips
Tailor the OKRs framework to your organization’s needs


Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results

Christina Wodtke

The author pulls from her experience with Silicon Valley's hottest companies to teach practical insights on goal setting in fable form. How do you inspire a diverse team to work together, going all out in pursuit of a single, challenging goal? How do you stay motivated despite setbacks and failures? As you see through Hanna and Jack's story, it's about creating a framework for regular check-ins, key results, and most of all, the beauty of a good fail. Wodtke adds a bonus section in the second half of the book to lay out her most practical insights into applying Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to your specific workplace and challenges 
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High Output Management

Andrew S. Grove 

In this legendary business book and Silicon Valley staple, the former chairman and CEO (and employee number three) of Intel shares his perspective on how to build and run a company.


The Ultimate Guide to OKRs: How Objectives and Key-Results can help your company build a culture of excellence and achievement

Francisco S. Homem de Mello

Francisco Mello, founder of Qulture.Rocks, the leading performance management software company, takes you through the history of using goals for management, from MBOs to OKRs, and presents OKRs with a constant focus on its key differences from older frameworks such as MBOs.


Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Alexander Maasik

This is a “How-to” guide to get started with OKRs and to help your team or a company implement the best goal setting system currently out there.


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